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The Series Bookcase

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...

       Welcome to the Series Bookcase! Do you remember the hours you used to spend reading the Hardy Boys, or other detective books? Remember mowing lawns during the summer just so you could go down to the drugstore and buy that particularly luring title you'd been wanting for weeks? The Series Bookcase is the place for those of you who read series books as children to find out a little bit more about your favorites. If you are just discovering series books, this is a great place to find more information about the hobby.

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January 12, 2006:   No updates happened here for the last eight months. I was pretty impressed with myself, but then I remembered that time between 1999 and 2002 when I didn't update for nearly three years. I'd better start slacking harder or I'll never beat that record! So anyway...did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? If not, you should definitely browse the Store section, which has just been overhauled after our meticulous, hand-crafted inventory. Besides finally being spiffed-up like the rest of the site, of special interest are the rare titles added to the Tom Swift Jr. sale area. Also new to this update is the addition to the Links section of links to the excellent and Both sites are must visits for fans of the Hardy Boys or the works of Percy Keese Fitzhugh. Until next time, folks... Happy reading!

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Cherry Ames  Written from 194368, this was one of the most popular series for girls. It follows Cherry through her days as a nursing student, in military service, and engaged in many other nursing positions, with a sprinkling of mystery and romance as well.

Vicki Barr  This series from 194764 was written by the authors of the Cherry Ames series, and stars a mystery-loving airline stewardess. At home and abroad, these stories blend romance, adventure, and a glamorous airline career.

Connie Blair  These books feature our heroine's career in fashion and advertising, as well as solving mysteries. An interesting fact is that the name of a color was used in each of the titles of this series that lasted from 194858.

Rick Brant  The son of a famous scientist, Rick lives on Spindrift Island off the New Jersey coast. In this series that spanned 194768, Rick and his friend Scotty take part in many thrilling science-related adventures in the United States and overseas.

Biff Brewster  The son of a prominent mining engineer, Biff has the opportunity to travel with his father to exotic countries all over the world. From 196065, these volumes provided mystery, intrigue, and well researched information about the locations visited.

Christopher Cool  Taking advantage of the spy craze, this 196769 series features two college students working for the Top-Secret Educational Espionage Network, or TEEN. This unusual series comes complete with special gadgets, fast cars and fantastic plots.

Tom Corbett  This 195256 series focuses on the adventures of a group of cadets attending the famous Space Academy in the 24th century. Tom Corbett also existed as a radio and television show, comic series, and had its own line of merchandise.

Ken Holt  Starring a young reporter and his photographer friend Sandy Allen, this 194963 mystery series takes place in the northeast portion of the United States for the most part, as well as a few other locations such as Mexico.

Steve Knight  This short-lived series written in 194142 was one of many aviation related series from the time. It features the adventures of a young civilian pilot as he tries to become a US Navy flier just before and during WWII.

The Mercer Boys  The adventures of two brothers and their friend Terry are told in this 192933 series. While attending Woodcrest Military Academy or on vacation, mysteries are never far from our heroes.

Tom Quest  From the creator of the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet comes this thrilling 194755 adventure series about the son a famed explorer and his two friends an ace reporter from New York and a Texas rancher.

The Lone Ranger  One of the most famous characters in the world featured in radio, movies, television, comics, and much more was also the title character in a 193656 series of books written by his creator.

Tom Swift Jr.  These books from 195471 star the son of a famous literary character from the previous generation. This new series tells the adventures of Tom Jr. as he uses his amazing inventions for foiling villains, exploration, transportation, and much more.

Yankee Flier  This series follows a group of ace fighter pilots as they fly desperate missions against German and Japanese forces during WWII. Running from 194146, it was actually one of the few war series that continued after the end of the conflict.

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